GMW Prämab GmbH & Co. KG
Ulmenweg 14
39288 Burg


Telefon: +49 39 21 / 72 69 11


Company Profile

GMW Prämab GmbH & Co KG stands for:

Large mechanical workshop, precision machinery and plant equipment manufacturing

Our company was founded in the summer of 2018 by merger of the two companies GMW GmbH & Co KG and Prämab GmbH.

Since their foundation in 1991 (GMW) and 1997 (Prämab), both companies have successfully established themselves as service providers for heavy machining and special machine manufacturing at the Burg site near Magdeburg, Germany. At the beginning of 2021, the integration of the subsidiary BEAB Entwicklung & Service GmbH as a design department into the Burg production site was completed. The merger enables us to offer our customers an expanded range of services in the areas of contract manufacturing, large-scale machining, special machine construction / heavy machine construction, and engineering. With our customers, we can go the whole way from the initial idea to the production of the customised special machine to the commissioning and on-site service of the customised special machine.

Around 180 employees are currently working with GMW Praemab, we offer our customers a wide range of complete services in the field of large machining, special machine manufacturing / heavy machine construction.

Our customers come from various branches of the heavy industry, we deliver for demanding projects with tight execution times, often at short notice.