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Welding Manufacturing

Our welding workshop is configured for manufacturing of heavy steel components and certified according to the relevant regulations. Welding approvals and procedure qualifications are available for a wide range of materials or can be acquired for new projects if required.

Qualified employees monitor and optimize the welding process and guarantee error-free processing of demanding steels including structural steels, fine-grained structural steels, high temperature steels, low temperature steels, stainless steels and high-grade steels among others. Non-destructive weld seam tests are carried out by certified external partners in our welding workshop, partly by our own qualified personnel. Before further processing (machining, assembly) and if requested the welded parts are stress-relieved.

· single part weight up to 90 t
· state-of-the-art MAG, TIG welding technology
· submerged arc welding machine with welding manipulator, turn/tilt device
· efficient flame preheating and flame straightening equipment
· quality assurance by qualified personnel, EWE, EWS
· non-destructive weld seam testing in-house and externally
· re-stamping certificate
· Various welding procedure tests for a wide range of materials available